01 | Existing and New Homes

Planning a home adaptation

Minor interventions to a dwelling may be carried out by the person themselves or their family or, in the case of social housing, through the local authority or in collaboration with an Approved Housing Body (AHB) where an AHB is the landlord. Where the work is more substantial, involving an architect and occupational therapist in the process, at as early a stage as possible, is recommended.

An assessment by an occupational therapist will identify with the occupant their specific housing design requirements and, thereafter, the occupant, occupational therapist, architect, quantity surveyor and any other members of the design team, can work together throughout the design process to determine the most suitable and cost-effective design.

Grant assistance may be available from the local council in carrying out home adaptations; where grant assistance is being sought, work should not start until any grant application has been processed and approved.