The Housing Agency would like to thank the following organizations and the individuals within them who provided advice and feedback during the preparation of this roadmap:

  • National Disability Authority
  • Disability Federation of Ireland
  • Irish Wheelchair Association
  • Irish Council for Social Housing
  • Mental Health Reform
  • Hail Housing Association
  • Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Focus Ireland
  • Oaklee Housing
  • Mental Health Ireland
  • HSE
  • Sligo CoCo
  • Fingal CoCo
  • Louth CoCo
  • Department of Housing
  • National Federation of Voluntary Bodies
  • Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
  • Cluid Housing Association

And also, for providing images of their work:

  • Dublin City Council for their images of housing for elderly people.
  • Paul Keogh Architects.
  • Duggan Architecture/Colm Duggan FRIAI & Orna Tubridy FRIAI, and photographer Aisling Dolan.

Thanks also to Onehouse Communications for designing and producing the website and document.


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